Maintain Your Individuality

Published: 02nd August 2007
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These days, there is tremendous pressure to conform. It comes from advertising, your peers, and social standards. But you must never lose your uniqueness. You are special, and different from everyone else. What sets you apart makes you stand out, beautiful in a sea of look-alikes. Not only will maintaining your individuality help you feel better about yourself, it will also help you get ahead in life.

When you are forced to conform one hundred percent with the rest of a group, you lose a part of yourself that makes you you. Life is better with variety, and the best part of being an individual is maintaining an exclusive set of traits that nobody else has in quite the same way. Being exactly like someone else can be fun for a while, but in the long run it will get boring. Your differences from others are what make you special. Fight to hold onto the good things in you that set you apart.

Sometimes it can seem like you are maintaining individuality when in reality you're taking a path that has been proven to be inferior and destructive. You don't need to set yourself apart by actively putting yourself in harm's way, or by making yourself more abrasive and less attractive to society at large. There are simpler, more graceful ways of finding your distinctiveness.

To get ahead in life, one must fit in. When you fit in, you are a part of the group, not left out, and can move with the group to greener pastures. Developing a negative individuality can force the group to shun you and leave you behind. Finding a positive one, however, not only keeps you in the group, but also allows you to advance to the forefront, to the head of the class. Positive individuality can be achieved by remembering that beauty is in the details.

People like others who are like them, but they love those who are both similar to them and have unique qualities that make them stand out. Once you discover the characteristics of everyone else you must match, you can then work on varying the traits in which there is freedom, until you make yourself stand out in a positive, professional way.

If everyone wears a suit, and speaks a certain way, and keeps their hair combed in a specific style, and wears a special kind of shoes, and walks a particular way, and the only way to fit in is to do all of those things, then do them. You may think you'll lose your identity by copying so many qualities foreign to who you are, but you don't have to. Once you have the key traits established, then you'll be free to adjust the ones with leeway. Maybe one woman has a highlight in her hair, and wears flashy earrings. Maybe one man wears a specific color of shoes. Maybe someone wears a unique watch, and walks with a slight bounce, and speaks with a subtle accent. Beauty is in the details, and often the details can be modified in infinite acceptable combinations. For this example, even while "conforming" to fit in, you can still find ways to stand out and be unique. So it is with any situation.

No matter how strict a conformity code is, there will always be things you can do to stand out. People value others similar to themselves in principle, behavior, and appearance. When you can achieve that similarity, and then stand out in a pleasant way, you'll make a memorable impression, and set yourself apart from the pack. That is how stars are born.

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