Take Pride In Everything You Do

Published: 02nd August 2007
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If you're going to do something, do it right. One simple technique for getting a task done right is to take pride in a job well-done. When you look at your work in all areas as a reflection of yourself, representative of who you are and what you're about, you'll find it much easier to become motivated to get something done, and done well.

It's important to find the capacity to value yourself unconditionally. No matter what happens, no matter how badly you screw up, you are still a worthwhile person, and should still think highly of yourself. That being said, it is also effective to look at the quality of your work as directly indicative of your inherent value. "I will do a good job, because that's the kind of person I am. My work is top notch."

If you make a mistake, and your work ends up being less than top notch, your inherent value hasn't changed. You're still important to your loved ones and to the world. However, you might look at the job you did and find yourself motivated to do a better one next time. "I can't believe it ended up like that. That's not up to my standard, and not reflective of my true capabilities. Next time I'll do better."

When you hesitate to do menial chores because they seem beneath you, think of it this way. You feel you're above them, right? So why not do an impossibly spectacular job to show how over-qualified you are? When you do a good job simply because you can, it makes you feel good about yourself, and others will take notice. "Did you see the job he did? Amazing!"

Your high quality of work reflects your values and demonstrates how much you ask of yourself. Others will take notice, and adjust their opinions of you accordingly. Not only that, they'll ask more of themselves, too, so when it's their turn to take care of something, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that they'll do a good job.

If you do something poorly, whether by accident or for lack of effort, it will similarly be factored into your reputation. Yes, you are inherently valuable, but at work the most important thing is how much value you actively provide. Taking pride in your work makes it easy to justify doing a bang-up job, which makes it easy for others to see your excellent performance and high standards, which makes it easier for you to get ahead in your industry.

Even without taking promotions and accolades into account, taking pride in everything you do is useful simply because it helps you do a good job, and that's the only kind worth doing.

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